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The City and CP: Insights from Auerbach

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Herb Auerbach is a long-time real-estate consultant in Vancouver.  In the following letter to Mayor Robertson, he provides lots of insight and some important information to keep in mind when considering the controversy over the Arbutus Corridor.  (My emphasis added in bold.)
Dear Mayor Robertson
In 2003, three years after CP ceased rail operations on the Arbutus corridor, they opened a presentation centre in Kerrisdale as a first step toward getting the corridor rezoned for higher and better uses.  They have since lost that fight. CP’s move was a typical real estate maneuver in an attempt to add value to, or demonstrate value of, the land.  The problem is, that in my opinion they don’t own the land and I was irked by their move.  To confirm my view I read the Transportation Act (sections 135 to 145) and in 2003 I wrote to the City’s then…

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