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Ray Spaxman: “The Telus Case”

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I share many of Gordon Price’s concerns with the new Telus building. Personally I don’t think the overhanging box should have been approved. Public places include the space above them in my opinion.

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I overlooked one major issue in my previous note that will prevent some of the potentially best informed people from helping us solve what I am calling “The Telus Case”. While, in a later note, I will go further into what best equips people to discuss urban planning and especially urban design, we may not have the benefit of a good debate involving architects.

telus-1Architecture is the profession which you might believe is most likely to be equipped through their arduous training and experience to help us deal with issues of building a city.  Yet the profession is very sensitive about allowing architects to criticise colleagues’ products. It came home to me quite forcibly, many years ago, when a good friend of mine, an eminent architect, inadvertently criticised a building in town when  being interviewed about what he thought about architecture in Vancouver. He was reprimanded by the professional institute…

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