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Placemaking: Davie Village

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Earlier this year I had the pleasure to work with Viva Vancouver exploring the possibilities of the Bute street plaza. My CityStudio project “Living At Bute” played an important role in the public consultation phase. This project taught me that if you give people the chance to talk about their communities and neighborhood they are often more than happy to provide input. Shaping public space from the ground up is a critical part of developing healthy, livable cities.
Although I wish I received proper photo credit for the last picture of the chalkboard, I thought I’d repost this from the Project for Public Space (PPS) and PriceTags. (Chalkboard lady photo was taken by me during the Living at Bute project. See my CityStudio posts for more info)

Price Tags

Vancouver’s Davie Village is featured by the Project for Public Spaces:


The Heart of Davie Village Plaza: Colorfully Connecting People and Place


Davie Village, a lively and diverse neighborhood in Vancouver’s West End, has a rich cultural history as the LGBTQ capital of the city. After area residents made clear to the City their desire for more public spaces in which to gather, meet friends, and hold events, VIVA Vancouver—a City of Vancouver program dedicated to transforming Vancouver’s streets into vibrant pedestrian spaces—initiated a pilot project that would breathe new life into this treasured historical and cultural neighborhood.




By adopting low-risk, temporary solutions, VIVA Vancouver and the West End Community Planning Team demonstrated to community stakeholders the immediate and lasting benefits of placemaking. They were able to engage a truly a bottom-up, community-based approach to revitalizing this valuable site, now the Heart of Davie…

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