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A deliberate lack of understanding

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Great article from the Globe.

We meed more pieces like this that examine the issue deeper. The last few weeks have seen a flurry of superficial “Vancouver is un-affordable” articles and blogs that help spread the dialogue – but do little to offer solutions or insight.

Yes, we have a problem with real estate affordability in Vancouver. Until we have a better understanding of the mechanics and workings of the real estate industry it will be difficult to craft effective policy to better manage and shape it. Articles like this are a great start: they inform the public and policymakers and may help in the creation of new policy directions, while helping to lift the veil of secrecy behind the real estate industry. Congrats to the Globe.


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“Poor Canadians – they just don’t understand.”

– Former realtor’s assistant Lynn Yang


I’m posting this today from The Globe and Mail’s investigation into the ‘assignment’ scam corrupting the Vancouver real-estate industry because already PT is getting comments on it.


Globe 2


Kudos to The Globe and journalist Kathy Tomlinson for doing the hard investigative work into a critical story. (What an embarrassment for The Sun, which isn’t.  At least The Province has Sam Cooper.)
This – and more articles like it, which seem to be coming out weekly – are devastating for the real-estate industry, brokers and realtors in particular.  But I don’t think it’s a lack of understanding within the industry, nor among the regulators, nor their political masters.  I think it’s deliberate avoidance.  (‘Sorry, not enough data.’)
So why the silence?  Have the industry leaders and regulators really nothing to say? Are…

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